Canonical books

See Canonical.
those books which are declared by the canons of the church to be of divine inspiration; - called collectively the canon. The Roman Catholic Church holds as canonical several books which Protestants reject as apocryphal.

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Two of 17 Pinatubo-related circulars issued from 1991 to 2006, during the administration of Archbishop Paciano Aniceto, referred to the need to protect Church possessions through, for example, assessment of damage to church edifices and preservation of parish canonical books. Three of the circulars covered protecting the religious and cultural legacy.
Most of the files are canonical books from various parishes of the archdiocese.
God seems to be absent in various ways from these five canonical books, she says, prompting readers to ask they have to do with God at all.
Supple, and Michelle Chesner, considers Codex Conquest, a new game Chen has developed, and how it might teach the basics of printing history to new generations of students so that they might question the received wisdom of canonical books. The books in Codex Conquest have been treated as cultural manifestos in their own right, telling us who, and what, are valued within Western culture.
While Al-Azhar has strongly condemned Islamist fundamentalism, Egypt's pro-government media has accused its leadership of failing to do enough to reform the religious discourse in Islam and purge canonical books from outdated teachings and hatred for non-Muslims.
Studying Old and Middle English in manuscript can still entail the reading of black-and-white facsimiles on paper or microfilm, especially when research wanders beyond a relatively narrow circle of canonical books. Digitization programs have, understandably, focused on famous and beautiful manuscripts in large repositories.
He complained that the critics' consensus narrowed the range of literary discussion, so that everyone was constantly talking about the same half-dozen canonical books. But as Jarrell also said, in a golden age, everyone goes around complaining about how yellow everything looks.
The canonical books that Lee analyzes introduce and develop symbols, phrases and precepts, "god terms" and "devil terms" of this lingua franca.
Bird (New Testament, Highland Theological College, Scotland) contends that 1 Esdras, part of the Septuagint and of the Christian Apocrypha, has been neglected relative to the canonical books of the Masoretic Text and the apocalyptic 2 Esdras, which is appended to the Latin Apocrypha.
However, one needs to recognize that even those who want to take a radical view of Christianity are forced to deal with these canonical books. We may differ in our understandings about what the Christian faith is all about in reference to our understanding of God, of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but no matter what we believe we are forced to recognize that, like it or not, it is the 66 books that compose our Bible that have to be dealt with.
Cameron includes references to both the canonical books of the Bible as well as to the apocryphal.
Even though there is no mention of the pair in the canonical books of the bible, there is always a source for legends, this one being the "Protevangelium of James." No harm in going beyond the canon for sources, but how convenient to make the pair look as ideally matched as Barbie and Ken when in fact there is neither scripture nor photo to back up the image.