Canonical form

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(Math.) the simples or most symmetrical form to which all functions of the same class can be reduced without lose of generality.

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It seems that in order to transcend the usually national character of magazines, Tzara had to turn to the more stable and canonical form of the book.
The central buffet table (organized by DOT) was dominated by Glenda Barretto and a few other large players, delivering the food in its canonical form (though not devoid of ornamentation and invention, either), representing Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao for the three days, respectively.
Lemma 3 allows us to gain an equivalent but more simple form of the matrix pair (E, A)--Weierstrass canonical form [14].
Intended for a second course in combinatorial games, this graduate textbook introduces tools for analyzing specific game values, such as mean, temperature, reduced canonical form, and atomic weight, and applies the basic theory of short partizan games to the abstract algebraic and combinatorial structure of short game values.
Let n > 1 be an integer of canonical form n = [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
reduces Equation (5) to its simplest canonical form (See Appendix 1 for full details), written here as:
Some classes enable defining a canonical form of expressions.
Figure 2(a) shows the coupling matrix in folded canonical form for a bandstop filter with equiripple rejection inside the stopband of 32 dB, N = 4 and reflection zeros at [+ or -]2.
Behavior of residual generated by observer-based generator realized in a canonical form is analized.
Finally he describes bow these verses function in the redacted, canonical form of the letter and adds the specialized bibliography.
6) by its canonical form, and then focus our attention on the group classification problem.