canopic jar

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Canopic jar

(kəˈnəʊpɪk) ,

Canopic urn


Canopic vase

(Archaeology) (in ancient Egypt) one of four containers with tops in the form of animal heads of the gods, for holding the entrails of a mummy


(or Ca•no′pic) jar′

(kəˈnoʊ pɪk, -ˈnɒp ɪk)
a jar used in ancient Egypt to contain the entrails of an embalmed body.
[1890–95; < Latin Canōpicus of Canopus]
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Noun1.canopic jar - a jar used in ancient Egypt to contain entrails of an embalmed bodycanopic jar - a jar used in ancient Egypt to contain entrails of an embalmed body
jar - a vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles
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Ayant guette le depart du roi pour Canope, il repandit parmi ses gardiens le bruit que le roi allait le relacher, et pour ce motif il regala ses serviteurs et envoya a ses gardiens des viandes, des couronnes et, en meme temps, du vin.
On the coast of Egypt, near the mouth and flood region of the Nile, there stands the city of Canope.
Trophies uses human bones as its starting point and Canope is an art deco chair re-upholstered and filled with wax made from processed human fat extracted during liposuction.
Mr Daniels and Ms Baldwin handle all of the pruning, picking and canope management, and very little is mechanised.
San Jeronimo, quien tuvo por encargo la traduccion de la Regla de San Pacomio al latin, que se hacia necesaria por la presencia de monjes latinos en los monasterios de Tebaida y de Canope, advierte en su prologo que la regla es efectivamente obra de Pacomio pero .
The scene forms a dramatic climax in the act, as the god Canope appears in a chariot drawn by crocodiles after a thunderous symphonie depicting the waves rising on the river.