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or ca·no·pic  (kə-nō′pĭk, -nŏp′ĭk)
Of, relating to, or being an ancient Egyptian vase, urn, or jar used to hold the viscera of an embalmed body.

[After Canopus1.]
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Archea Ancient Art brings a vibrantly painted canopic chest used in ancient Egypt to contain internal organs during mummification (Fig.
Egyptian canopic jars, which were used to hold the mummified remains of the dead
These two Urns, built of squeezed and manipulated clay, without paraphernalia, their surfaces heightened by glazing and touches of gold lustre, appear to the viewer as Kiebert's personal canopic jars.
During some time periods, the hearts may have been put in canopic jars, a type of jar used to hold internal organs, though tissue analysis is needed to confirm this idea, Wade said.
They found canopic vases, traditionally used to preserve body organs, but no grave goods, suggesting the tomb was robbed in ancient times.
Ikram asserted that it is impossible to say that Tut's internal organs were crushed until the canopic jars containing his organs are properly examined.
Another rare and important work given by the couple is in the form of an ancient Egyptian urn, Canopic Vase (c 1810).
Many of these artefacts took years to create at enormous cost, but every single item is reproduced from the silver and gold jewellery to the great golden throne to the alabaster canopic jars.
USA A canopic coffinette is displayed during a preview of a King Tut exhibit at Seattle Center.
Not forgetting the jewellers, canopic jar potters and miniature furniture joiners.
Central to the displays are the nested coffins and mummy of Djeddjehutyiuefankh; funerary models; and canopic jars, shown alongside a variety of co(fin lids.
for naught but the tale of an iPod's canopic gleam.