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Ca·no·pus 1

An ancient city of northern Egypt east of Alexandria. It was the site of a great temple honoring Serapis.

Ca·no·pus 2

A star, 650 light years from Earth, in the constellation Carina. It is the second-brightest star in the sky.

[Latin Canōpus, from Greek kanōpos, perhaps of Egyptian origin.]


(Celestial Objects) the brightest star in the constellation Carina and the second brightest star in the sky. Visual magnitude: -0.7; spectral type: F0II; distance: 313 light years


(Placename) a port in ancient Egypt east of Alexandria where granite monuments have been found inscribed with the name of Rameses II and written in languages similar to those of the Rosetta stone
Caˈnopic adj


(kəˈnoʊ pəs)

1. a first-magnitude star in the constellation Carina: the second brightest star in the heavens.
2. an ancient seacoast city in Lower Egypt, 15 mi. (24 km) E of Alexandria.
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Noun1.Canopus - supergiant star 650 light years from Earth; second brightest star in the sky
Carina - a keel-shaped constellation in the southern hemisphere; contains the start Canopus
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The eye took in the firmament from the Southern Cross to the North Star, those two constellations which in 12,000 years, by reason of the succession of equinoxes, will resign their part of the polar stars, the one to Canopus in the southern hemisphere, the other to Wega in the northern.
At Canopus, we have gripped the ability of drone technological innovation and have data scientists in our team to provide help to take full advantage of drone data collected at survey sites.
It is growing at a rapid pace and Canopus Infosystems have realized the potential of this field at an early stage and is constantly involved in the developing expertise in this field.
Quantity or scope: This contract is intended to give the holder the interior work space of the workshop Canopus Ajaccio, located in the building Castellani, Avenue du Mont Tabor, 20090 AJACCIO.
The twin cities of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus, submerged at the mouth of the River Nile for over a millennium and lost between legend and reality, once sat on fertile, shifting land of the western-most branch of the Nile at the edge of the Egyptian Delta.
The Canopus star will be visible from Qatar and parts of the Arabian Peninsula until the end of winter, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported.
Canopus BioPharma expects to develop CB1400 as a method for preventing and reducing mucositis (lesions in the gastrointestinal and oral mucosa caused by chemo- and/or radiotherapy).
A statue of a priest carrying an Osiris canopus, flanked by two sphinxes, found on the sunken island of Antirhodos, Egypt.
The Canopus EDIUS Pro 3 and new EDIUS Broadcast solutions provide realtime capture and processing of 1440 x 1080 resolution video at 24fps, 30fps and 60i via an IEEE 1394 interface, making it ideally suited for the 24F, 30F and 60i formats featured with the new Canon XL H1 camera.
It is this sort of "disorientation" which is necessary if the teachings of Canopus are to be understood by the people on Planet 8, in order to comprehend the master plan of which Planet 8 is only a small part:
vStor has been certified by Canopus for use with EDIUS Pro 3 nonlinear editing software for cost effective workgroup storage and editing.