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Cucumis melo


also can·ta·loup  (kăn′tl-ōp′)
1. A variety of melon (Cucumis melo) having a tan rind with netlike ridges and sweet fragrant orange flesh.
2. Any of several other similar melons.

[French cantaloup, from Italian cantalupo (after Cantalupo, a former papal villa near Rome where it was first cultivated in Europe after introduction from Armenia).]
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(ˈkæntəˌluːp) or


1. (Plants) a cultivated variety of muskmelon, Cucumis melo cantalupensis, with ribbed warty rind and orange flesh
2. (Plants) any of several other muskmelons
[C18: from French, from Cantaluppi, former papal villa near Rome, where it was first cultivated in Europe]
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or can•ta•loup

(ˈkæn tlˌoʊp)

1. a melon with a hard scaly or warty rind, grown in Europe, Asia, and United States.
2. a muskmelon with a reticulated rind and pale-orange flesh.
[1730–40; < French]
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A variety of melon with a ribbed rind and orange flesh.
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Noun1.cantaloupe - a variety of muskmelon vine having fruit with a tan rind and orange fleshcantaloupe - a variety of muskmelon vine having fruit with a tan rind and orange flesh
cantaloup, cantaloupe - the fruit of a cantaloup vine; small to medium-sized melon with yellowish flesh
Cucumis melo, muskmelon, sweet melon, sweet melon vine - any of several varieties of vine whose fruit has a netted rind and edible flesh and a musky smell
2.cantaloupe - the fruit of a cantaloup vine; small to medium-sized melon with yellowish flesh
muskmelon, sweet melon - the fruit of a muskmelon vine; any of several sweet melons related to cucumbers
cantaloup, cantaloup vine, cantaloupe, cantaloupe vine, Cucumis melo cantalupensis - a variety of muskmelon vine having fruit with a tan rind and orange flesh
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Also notable are the homemade charcuterie, biodynamic grapes and sublime breakfasts -- far more than the usual coffee and croissant; there's also homemade yogurt and sourdough bread, fresh canteloupe melon, Peter's homemade granola and apricot jam.
Her performances are available on Hanssler Profil, Naxos, Sony Classics, Canteloupe, Musica Omnia, einKlang, and BMOP/sound, among others.
What to do: Eat spinach, broccoli, canteloupe, carrots, apricots, or other dark green or orange fruits and vegetables that you enjoy.
Fortunately, most orange foods are low in calories and fat - think oranges, satsumas, carrots, swede, butternut squash, sweet potato, baked beans, orange peppers, mangoes, canteloupe melon and apricots.
My belly is a bruised melon; my womb an over-ripe canteloupe you
MELON WITH HAM Ingredients (serves two) Half a canteloupe melon 4 slices Parma ham 2 sprigs parsley Method 1.
Heavy body with a round structure and vivid tropical fruit and canteloupe notes.
024 7652 4524 City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, conductor Douglas Boyd, soprano Joan Rodgers - Sibelius, Canteloupe, Beethoven: Birmingham Symphony Hall, 7.30pm.
The band might have played some familiar tunes - Speak Like A Child, Canteloupe Island, Chameleon - but they were all radically reworked; the instrumental line-up might have been mostly familiar - guitar, trumpet, bass, drums with the wild card of harmonica - but the way they interacted and the textures they created, especially on the Wayne Shorter composition V, were revelatory.
1 slice canteloupe melon and 1 mango with 1 slice lean ham.
When we got home I had half a canteloupe melon and a Clementine for supper, which made me feel a whole lot better.
Honeydew, galia and canteloupe are all types of what?