Canterbury bells

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Canterbury bells

pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
A European biennial herb (Campanula medium) widely cultivated for its showy, bell-shaped, blue, pink, or white flowers.

[From the association of the flowers with the bells on the horses of Canterbury pilgrims.]

Can′terbury bells`

(used with a sing. or pl. v.)
a plant, Campanula medium, of the bellflower family, cultivated for its bell-shaped violet-blue, pink, or white flowers.
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"Lilies o' th' valley does," he answered, digging away with the trowel, "an' there's Canterbury bells, an' campanulas."
'em, all about 'work among the merry, merry blossoms," said Sacharissa from the deeps of a stale Canterbury bell.
In a diary dated May, 1921, the flowers to be included in his plans are listed as violets, stock and Canterbury bells, to be sewn in rows or put in tubs.
Biennials such as hollyhocks, foxgloves and Canterbury bells take two years to complete their lifecycle.
A Snapdragon B Wallflower C Canterbury Bells D Love-lies-bleeding QUESTION 10 - for 10 points: Which spirit is flavoured with juniper berries?
l In a nursery bed, sow seeds of wallflowers and forget-me-nots and of biennial flowers like honesty and Canterbury bells, which can be transplanted to their flowering spot later in the year l Look out for vine weevil damage in the greenhouse and treat compost in pots and borders by drenching with a biological pest control nematode if you find any.
Continue to plant biennials such as foxglove, Canterbury bells and honesty.
FAVOURITE spring flowers like wallflowers, foxgloves, polyanthus, Canterbury bells, forget-me-nots, ornamental kale and Brompton stocks are biennials, with a two years life cycle.
Campanula (bellflower) THESE summer-flowering favourites come in a range of sizes and colours, but among the most popular are the Canterbury Bells (C.
SOW biennials such as Canterbury bells and hollyhocks now to brighten up your flowerbeds next spring.

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