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v. i.1.Same as Cantle, v. t.
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Cantile, who was working as a war correspondent in Syria when he was captured in 2012, has previously appeared in a dozen ISIS videos since 2014 from Iraq and Syria.
Cantile, "Protothecal granulomatous meningoencephalitis in a dog," Journal of Small Animal Practice, vol.
The issues of collaterals and its man agement have been addressed me thodically and the mechanism framed as per international mer cantile laws to facilitate the im porters, exporters and stockist of various goods.
Vincenzo D'Anto, Monica Cantile, Maria D'Armiento, Giulia Schiavo, Gianrico Spagnuolo et al.
The first essay, "Fantasia e misura nella imago mundi: note sull'eredita cartografica e sulla rappresentazione dell'ecumene nel basso medioevo," is by Andrea Cantile, whom Morosini acknowledges as her collaborator for the text as a whole; indeed Cantile's essay is also correlated with the volume's sumptuous array of color maps.
Casu reviews, with helpful illustrations, the scientific instruments described in his mathematical experiments, and is followed by Andrea Cantile on Alberti's science of urban topography.
The words in mer- cantile Venetian share the same root.
According to Larry Sass, executive vice president of Guess Home, Guess is also expanding its home collection in bedding, bath and throws into a number of additional Macy's West, Macy's East, Carson's, Dayton's, Dillard's and Mer- cantile stores.
24) Black Watch Museum Archives, Officers' mess file, 1898-1912, Cantile to Norsworthy, 28 March 1913.