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n.1.See Canteen.
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I have a CRYO session and nip in for dinner and drinks at La Cantine at Emirates Towers.
Depending on which end of town you want to stay in, there's a new option for you this weekend: The Rixos on the Palm, and Cantine du Faubourg in DIFC are both launching Friday offerings.
In fact it's made by well-known Prosecco producer Cantine Maschio.
According to police, some 18 Primark employees had subsequently left the store and grouped together in a cantine inside the Qwartz mall, where all other shops had closed up.
Rizwan Kassim, owner, La Cantine du Faubourg: French cuisine has managed to root its traditions here in the UAE, with many successful and high-end French restaurants and chefs based in the region.
100 volunteers will rehabilitate the Cantine Gandria Path, on Lake Lugano
Jeff Porter, Phillip Dunn, and Richard Betts contemplated producer Cantine Lenotti, a small, second-century, family-run operation just barely getting started in Italian wine cultivation society.
The prison administration have taken punishment measures against prisoner Durgham Shawahneh from Jenin, which are solitary confinement, deprivation of Cantine and family visits for two months, in addition to a fine of 1000 NIS which will be rebated from his cantine budget, same as Ahmad Ka'abneh who was sentenced for three days of solitary confinement.
THE IDEA The idea behind Wine-ICons originated a year ago when, Marcello Miali of Cantine Miali in Puglia, Jacopo Di Battista of Querceto di Castellina in Tuscany and Davide Castagnoli of Cantina Braschi from Romagna, traveled to Los Angeles for a tradeshow.
At La Cantine it will provide a full design and build service including the creation of a Parisian-styled terrace over-looking Dubai International Financial Centre.
Les principales reclamations ont trait au corps enseignant, la gestion des etablissements scolaires, la distribution des livres scolaires, outre les services du transport et de cantine scolaires, et les conditions de securite autour des etablissements scolaires, a ajoute le communique.
Plus de 500 etudiants ont ete hospitalises apres avoir mange la nourriture servie a la cantine d'une residence universitaire.