Canton Island

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Can·ton Island

 (kăn′tŏn′, kăn′tŏn′, -tən)
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Qantas operated its first Trans-Pacific service in May 1954 flying a Super Constellation from Sydney to San Francisco (and onward to Vancouver) via Nadi, Canton Island and Honolulu.
Thompson, and I [radio operator] departed from the 607th Troop Carrier Training Squadron, Lawson Field, Fort Benning, Georgia, for Baer Field, Fort Wayne, Indiana, to receive our overseas shipping orders and a C-47 to be ferried to Townsville, Australia, via Amarillo, Texas; Long Beach, California; Hamilton Field, California; Hickam Field, Oahu, Hawaii; Christmas Island; Canton Island; Funatui Island; the Fiji Islands; New Caledonia; and Brisbane, Australia; before touching down in Townsville.
He traveled westward on a four-engine DC-6B (Military Air Transport Service, operated by the United States Navy) to Travis AFB, California, on to Hawaii, then Canton Island, and eventually to Christ-church, New Zealand, for a brief stopover before proceeding to the U.S.
The B-17D "Flying Fortress" had by that point obviously overflown its intended destination, Canton Island, a tiny eight-by-ten mile South Pacific island with a secret airstrip.
The journey to San Francisco took around 30 flying hours and involved fuel stops at Fiji, Canton Island and Hawaii.