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(German ˈtuːrɡau)
(Placename) a canton of NE Switzerland, on Lake Constance: annexed by the confederated Swiss states in 1460. Capital: Frauenfeld. Pop: 229 800 (2002 est). Area: 1007 sq km (389 sq miles). French name: Thurgovie


(ˈtʊər gaʊ)

a canton in NE Switzerland. 223,372; 388 sq. mi. (1005 sq. km). Cap.: Frauenfeld.
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the redevelopment section is divided loosely into two sections: - redevelopment oberdorfstrasse, section lenterstrasse to gemeindegrenze wuppenau: community redevelopment k76 section branching wuppenau to gemeindegrenze zuzwil: canton thurgau
Aged just 26, Paralympic athlete Marcel Hug from Canton Thurgau represented Switzerland for the third time at the London Paralympics.
EKT, a Swiss company in Canton Thurgau, supplies and distributes electricity to businesses and uses its infrastructure to provide voice and data services.
SWISS will be offering culinary creations by Christian Kuchler of the Taverne zum Schfli in Wigoltingen, Canton Thurgau to its passengers from today in the latest chapter of its SWISS Taste of Switzerland inflight foodservice programme.
The youngest of four boys, Hug was born in Pfyn, Canton Thurgau, in 1986 with Spina Bifida (Latin for 'split spine'), a developmental disorder that impaired the function of the spinal cord below his waist and left him without the use of his legs.