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(German ˈtuːrɡau)
(Placename) a canton of NE Switzerland, on Lake Constance: annexed by the confederated Swiss states in 1460. Capital: Frauenfeld. Pop: 229 800 (2002 est). Area: 1007 sq km (389 sq miles). French name: Thurgovie


(ˈtʊər gaʊ)

a canton in NE Switzerland. 223,372; 388 sq. mi. (1005 sq. km). Cap.: Frauenfeld.
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In cooperation with the Swiss Heritage of Canton Thurgau a Erweiterungsbaute in a brickwork (facing brickwork) was developed.
Aged just 26, Paralympic athlete Marcel Hug from Canton Thurgau represented Switzerland for the third time at the London Paralympics.
EKT, a Swiss company in Canton Thurgau, supplies and distributes electricity to businesses and uses its infrastructure to provide voice and data services.