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A river, about 248 km (154 mi) long, of southern Switzerland and northern Italy flowing generally southward to the Po River. Hannibal defeated the Romans along the banks of the river in 218 bc.


(Italian tiˈtʃiːno)
1. (Placename) a canton in S Switzerland: predominantly Italian-speaking and Roman Catholic; mountainous. Capital: Bellinzona. Pop: 314 600 (2002 est). Area: 2810 sq km (1085 sq miles). German name: Tessin
2. (Placename) a river in S central Europe, rising in S central Switzerland and flowing southeast and west to Lake Maggiore, then southeast to the River Po. Length: 248 km (154 miles)


(tɪˈtʃi noʊ)

a canton in S Switzerland. 395,199; 1086 sq. mi. (2813 sq. km). Cap.: Bellinzona. French and German, Tessin.
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Noun1.Ticino - an Italian-speaking region of southern SwitzerlandTicino - an Italian-speaking region of southern Switzerland
Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Swiss Confederation, Switzerland - a landlocked federal republic in central Europe
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Contracts awarded: 160471 - 131 - competition for the supply of software for the social security management of the social security institution of the canton ticino
Vice president of Switzerland's Canton Ticino Chamber of Commerce also stressed the importance of free trade for his country, and said that Switzerland has signed 39 agreements in the field with various regions all over the world.
There are currently only two suppliers of this type of small Turbine on the market: The UK-based Centrax which uses Aero derivative technology developed by Rolls Royce and Canton Ticino, Switzerland-based Caterpillar subsidiary Turbomach.
Swiss International will be serving its long-haul First and Business Class guests specialities from SwitzerlandOs Canton Ticino for the next three months.
For example, the president of the Muslim League of Canton Ticino, Gasmi Slaheddine, called for the foundation of an Islamic political party in Switzerland one week after the vote.
The church of Vice-Morcate in the Canton Ticino with its apple-blossoms
Our core business is the supply of TLC services and housing provided through the network infrastructure of our own Data Centre in Chiasso in the Canton Ticino.
The educational scholarships of 5,000 CHF each, for a total of 50,000 CHF, sponsored by Helsinn Advanced Synthesis, Biasca, were awarded to 10 students residing in Canton Ticino who are attending academic training in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.
Currently based in his home town of Medrisio, Canton Ticino, Mario Botta has worked all over the world.
The specialities from Canton Ticino will offer First and Business travellers, on intercontinental services from Switzerland and on certain inbound flights, the food of top chef Urs Gschwend between March and May of this year.
The project named "EP 14 Ceneri - Bellinzona South (Phase 1)" the motorway section N02 in Canton Ticino between km 40,800 and km 48,500.