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also Cnut or Knut  (kə-no͞ot′, -nyo͞ot′) Known as "the Great." 994?-1035.
King of England (1016-1035), Denmark (1018-1035), and Norway (1028-1035) who established a powerful, Christian kingdom in England after invading the country in 1015. He is the subject of many legends.


(kəˈnjuːt) ,




(Biography) died 1035, Danish king of England (1016–35), Denmark (1018–35), and Norway (1028–35). He defeated Edmund II of England (1016), but divided the kingdom with him until Edmund's death. An able ruler, he invaded Scotland (1027) and drove Olaf II from Norway (1028)


(kəˈnut, -ˈnyut)

A.D. 994?–1035, Danish king of England 1017–35; of Denmark 1018–35; and of Norway 1028–35.
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Noun1.Canute - king of Denmark and Norway who forced Edmund II to divide England with him; on the death of Edmund II, Canute became king of all England (994-1035)


[kəˈnjuːt] NCanuto


nKnut m
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Once again they conquered, and Canute the Dane became King of England.
But near the end of the tenth century new swarms of 'Danes' reappeared from the Baltic lands, once more slaughtering and devastating, until at last in the eleventh century the 'Danish' though Christian Canute ruled for twenty years over all England.
You've heard of the Pusey horn, which King Canute gave to the Puseys of that day, and which the gallant old squire, lately gone to his rest (whom Berkshire freeholders turned out of last Parliament, to their eternal disgrace, for voting according to his conscience), used to bring out on high days, holidays, and bonfire nights.
November 12 KING Canute was the King of England who sat at the edge of the sand trying, without success, to command the tide.
By legend, King Canute was a Norse king of Denmark and England about the 11th century who had his courtiers take him, on his throne, to the ocean's edge where he commanded the tide not to come in.
Summary: The legend of King Canute describes how an early Anglo-Saxon king showed his subjects the limits of royal power.
Currently, Canute is a member of the boards of directors of Oncobiologics, Flexion Therapeutics and Proteon Therapeutics.
com)-- Canute Logistics has gone live with its first project to deploy TranSend electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), as part of a company-wide initiative to review its core delivery and planning systems.
I DON'T know whether Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sees himself as King Canute or Nero but surely he must know he is flogging a dead horse.
BrItAIn has not had a King Canute for over a thousand years, then Geraint Davies, the MP for Swansea West, comes along.
The Government clearly holds the view that trying to prop up the offshore industry is a King Canute operation.
LEGEND has it King Canute knew his beach stunt was pointless.