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Wei 1

Name of several Chinese dynasties ruling from ad 220 to 265 and from 386 to 556.

Wei 2

(wā′) or Wei·he (-hŭ′)
A river of central China flowing about 850 km (530 mi) generally eastward through Shaanxi province to the Yellow River.



any of several dynasties that ruled in North China, esp. one ruling A.D. 220–265 and one ruling A.D. 386–534.
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Noun1.Wei - any of several imperial dynasties of China ruling from 220 to 265 and from 386 to 556
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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The delegation comprised on Cao Wei, Yan Hegang, Wang Ying, Liu Taiping, Chen Guoyi, Gao Xiaoqiang, Luo Xinzhou, He Weina, Peng Renqing and Wu Wanxin.
The delegation comprised of Chinese officials Gaoqiang, Xu Yingliang, Cao Wei, Yang Yongang and Cao Zaiqiang.
The delegation consists of Gaoqiang, Xu Yingliang, Cao Wei, Yang Yongang and Cao Zaiqiang, and PCJCCI President SM Naveed and Vice President Rana Mehmood Iqbal briefed them on the demand of innovative energy efficient automobiles, car accessories and vertical buildings in Pakistan, according to joint chamber's spokesperson here on Monday