Cap Haitien

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Cap Hai·tien

 (kăp′ hā′shən) or Cap-Ha·ï·tien (kä-pä-ē-syăN′)
A city of northern Haiti on the Atlantic Ocean. Founded c. 1670, it is a tourist center.
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The first in Cotes-de-Fer, and the remaining in the Cap Haitien area.
The Haitian Army paraded down Cap Haitien's main street last November as the country marked the 214th anniversary of the military victory that led Haiti to become the second independent country in the Americas after the US.
EDT - A bus traveling from Cap Haitien to Port-au-Prince killed at least 34 people Sunday and injured 17 others, Reuters ( reported.
BLTS enhanced its interdiction capacities in 2016 by assigning officers to new outposts in Ouanaminthe on the border with the Dominican Republic, and Cap Haitien on the north coast, further expanding use of a 19-dog canine unit, and participating in U.S.-funded training in Colombia.
stabilization mission in Haiti were shot and killed inside their living quarters in Cap Haitien by unidentified assailants.
Caicos Express begins scheduled international operations Caicos Express Airways, based in Providenciales, launched its maiden scheduled international air service on Saturday, December 13, with 4x weekly flights from Providenciales to Cap Haitien in Haiti.
Cap Haitien and the Atlantic coast where Christopher Columbus' ship Santa Maria sank in 1492 are visible from the gun battery of the fortress.
It said the project aims at improving access, conservation and management of the World Heritage Site of the National Historic Park and the historic center of Cap Haitien, as well as establishing new destinations for travelers.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 6, 2014-InterCaribbean adds flights to San Juan, services to Kingston, Santo Domingo and Cap Haitien.
Other infrastructure improvements, such as installing solar lighting on the highway between Limonade and Ouanaminthe and in Cap Haitien, are helping northern Haiti's economy grow and providing citizen access to basic services.