Cap Haitien

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Cap Hai·tien

 (kăp′ hā′shən) or Cap-Ha·ï·tien (kä-pä-ē-syăN′)
A city of northern Haiti on the Atlantic Ocean. Founded c. 1670, it is a tourist center.
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We take an early morning flight from PAP to Cap Haitien.
The Project will contribute to the sustainable and resilient urban development of the metropolitan region of Cap Haitien through a combination of investment support and capacity building.
Claims in all the cases involve improper supervision of Perlitz's activities as he operated the school for underprivileged boys in Cap Haitien, Haiti, from the late 1990s until around 2010, during which time Perlitz raped and otherwise sexually abused the victims.
Former officials successfully filing senatorial candidacies with the CEP include Guy Phillipe, who was a police chief in the capital suburb of Delmas and in the northern coastal city of Cap Haitien.
Several of the new BLTS officers joined the K9 unit, whereas others have been deployed to Cap Haitien.
Caicos Express begins scheduled international operations Caicos Express Airways, based in Providenciales, launched its maiden scheduled international air service on Saturday, December 13, with 4x weekly flights from Providenciales to Cap Haitien in Haiti.
It said the project aims at improving access, conservation and management of the World Heritage Site of the National Historic Park and the historic center of Cap Haitien, as well as establishing new destinations for travelers.
Air Turks & Caicos has announced its name-change to InterCaribbean Airways, along with a new schedule of air service connecting Providenciales to San Juan and additional flights to Kingston Jamaica, Santo Domingo and Cap Haitien.
Other infrastructure improvements, such as installing solar lighting on the highway between Limonade and Ouanaminthe and in Cap Haitien, are helping northern Haiti's economy grow and providing citizen access to basic services.
SAE-A's next big project is in Haiti, where it is building an $85 million manufacturing complex in an industrial park located in the northern part of the country, near Cap Haitien, that will create more than 20,000 jobs and double the existing Haitian garment industry.
Journalism's first rule is "Show, don't tell," but it is impossible to show, in a few dry sentences, the chaos that is Cap Haitien.
About a week after Haiti's disaster, a nongovernmental organization named AIDG, based in Cap Haitien, in coordination with the United Nations, invited Green Energy CEO Dan Gregory to participate on a 10-person structural engineering team to assess the damage to critical buildings.