Cap money

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money collected in a cap for the huntsman at the death of the fox.

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CAP has launched a money management system called the CAP Money Course which offers online tools to create a flexible budget, allowing people to know exactly where their money is going and what they have to spend.
The European Union makes PS110million of CAP money a year available to Spanish farmers who use their pastures to rear fighting bulls.
MOVING CAP money up the hill was a major focus for the National Sheep Association (NSA) and Defra Secretary Owen Paterson when the minister spent a day visiting NSA members and rural businesses near Kendal in Cumbria.
But Rostons director Tony Rimmer, speaking at a farm meeting in St Asaph, said it was clear that CAP money was being moved uphill, in line with England.
This is a significant change in the way we allocate CAP money and even with a smaller overall CAP budget, the Government will be spending a bigger share of the budget on the environment than before.
CAP (Christians Against Poverty) has devised a special CAP Money programme to work with people to help them get out of debt and live within a budget.
The Redskins and Cowboys were punished for maneuvering cap money from players' contracts into the uncapped year while clearing spending for the future.
Trained money coaches will be offering a programme called CAP Money, from Christians Against Poverty, at churches across the UK so that people in their communities can avoid debt problems.
Chief executive of CAP, Matt Barlow, said: "Thousands of people of all ages have already been on CAP Money, newly retired people, families, students, people who want to be able to save for a wedding or a new car.
Bev Anderson, CAP Money coach, said: "Through the course we aim to bring hope to those in financial difficulty in the local community.
Second, and more importantly, Congress cannot cap money in electoral campaigns, whether in contributions or expenditures.
But how much CAP money a member state gets for its farmers depends largely on how much it has gotten in the past, when payments were coupled with production.