Cape Cod Bay

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Cape′ Cod` Bay′

a part of Massachusetts Bay, enclosed by the Cape Cod peninsula.
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Noun1.Cape Cod Bay - the southern part of Massachusetts BayCape Cod Bay - the southern part of Massachusetts Bay
Massachusetts Bay - an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean off of eastern Massachusetts extending from Cape Ann on the north to Cape Cod on the south
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He fared a bit better in fishing the ponds and shoreline of Cape Cod Bay and the National Seashore, the length of which he walked over the course of each summer.
Green Harbor in Marshfield is situated in the northwestern end of Cape Cod Bay, about 30 miles southeast of Boston and nine miles north of Plymouth Harbor.
Tourism Cares also awarded a $10,000 grant to Plimoth Plantation to support ongoing revitalization of its 130-acre campus overlooking Cape Cod Bay.
We excluded MA South (all years), Offshore (all years), LIS West (2006), and Cape Cod Bay (2005) because we did not have data from more than 1 collection trip for those regions in those years.
SYSTEM Animal welfare worker tags the animals SMILES BETTER Two are prepared for release into sea HOME SWEET HOME Team help beached dolphins return to the water IN SAFE HANDS Dolphins are carried to be released back into Cape Cod Bay
In autumn, they migrate and spend winters along coasts farther south, including southern New England--especially on Cape Cod Bay.
to the eastern Long--Island Sound; Cape Cod Bay, Mass.
As the glacier went north, a mile and a half of sand dropped into Cape Cod Bay.
Coverage ranges from the agricultural practices of the prehistoric Hopewell Indians to the effects of recent development on the Cape Cod Bay ecosystem.
I interviewed him during a visit to a potential location for extended retreats for the community: a Swedenborgian center located on Cape Cod Bay in Duxbury, Massachusetts.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts must propose and finalize the following regulations -- in critical habitats of Cape Cod Bay -- by year's end: