Cape Hatteras

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Noun1.Cape Hatteras - a promontory on Hatteras Island off the Atlantic coast of North Carolina; "frequent storms drive ships to their destruction on Cape Hatteras"
NC, North Carolina, Old North State, Tar Heel State - a state in southeastern United States; one of the original 13 colonies
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Ichthyoplankton surveys have indicated that a third spawning event occurs south of Cape Hatteras, NC, in the autumn, but juveniles spawned during this time frame have rarely been captured (Collins and Stender, 1987).
Prevalence and intensity were much lower during the spring spawning season south of Cape Hatteras, NC. It is difficult to determine whether this was due to geographical differences or the limited sampling that month; it is possible that we missed the peak spawning period in 2003.
After paralleling the boundary for roughly 1,000 kilometers the current abruptly turns offshore near Cape Hatteras, NC, and flows northeast toward Europe.