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 (tā′nə-rôn′, tĕ′nä-), CapeFormerly Cape Mat·a·pan (măt′ə-păn′)
A cape at the southernmost point of mainland Greece. The British won an important naval battle against the Italians off Cape Taínaron in 1941.
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(Placename) a transliteration of the Modern Greek name for (Cape) Matapan
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On 13 July passed Cape Matapan. Crew dissatisfied about something.
The cracking of one cypher in particular helped the Allies to victory in the naval Battle of Cape Matapan.
Philip was mentioned in despatches for operating battleship HMS Valiant's searchlight during the British victory at Cape Matapan in 1941.
Cape Matapan (or Tainaron) is the southernmost mainland point of which European country?
Cape Matapan (or Tainaron) is the Adam II become head of state in 1989?
"It disappeared in an explosion and a cloud of smoke." The Duke said he was then ordered to light up another cruiser that was given "the same treatment" in the Battle of Cape Matapan.
He was in control of Valiant's searchlights as it fought an Italian cruiser in the battle of Cape Matapan when he spotted an unexpected second enemy vessel nearby.
Mediterranean Sea2###1,144,800###2,965,800###4,688###1,429###15,197###4,632###Off Cape Matapan, Greece

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