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n.1.(Mus.) The private orchestra or band of a prince or of a church.
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One of Jeffrey Skidmore's greatest ambitions during the 15-plus years that he has directed Birmingham Conservatoire's Capelle ensemble has been to conduct the students in a period-instrument presentation of Handel's Messiah.
Falmouth Coastguard said Charlie Capelle is safe and well on another boat after he capsized 215 nautical miles off Cape Finister re.
Then a walker spotted Biff on the ledge at Capelle - Ferne, Kent - and overjoyed Paul rang 999.
I can recall that as we neared Boulogne, we too were held up by heavy enemy fire in the town of La Capelle, overlooking the big city.
The book belongs to the series directed by Philippe Capelle on "Philosophie et Theologie," a theme very well suited to Blondel's thought.
Calling attention to the Eastman Chemical Company's regional headquarters in Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands, is a bright red neon corporate sign made from the company's own Kelvx resin.
Eastman Chemical has constructed a regional headquaters in Capelle an de Ijssel, The Netherlands.
Ronnie Capelle has been promoted to executive vice president of Bank of the Ozarks in Van Buren.
It was a sign of the problems which lay ahead for Capelle, Shearer's fourth-minute shot going wide with the keeper wrong-footed.
The team wore the new away top for the first time in their pre-season friendly with Capelle and their lucky shirts produced a 5-1 win.
Stage Nine: 5 E Zabel, 8 J Kirsipuu, 10 R Vainsteins, 12 T Steels, 14 S O'Grady, 16 L Jalabert, J Svorada, E Dekker, 20 J Blijlevens, A Petacchi, M Bartoli, J Caper, C Capelle, D Rous, D Nazon, 25 L Dierckxsens, F Simon, R Verbrugghe, J Museeuw, A Vinokourov, D Etxebarria, E Magnien, J Durand, A Merckx, 33 bar.