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A Brazilian cocktail typically made of cachaca, crushed limes, and sugar.

[Brazilian Portuguese, from diminutive of caipira, bumpkin, hick, perhaps from alteration (influenced by curupira, a kind of demon or guardian spirit of the wilderness in Tupí myth and Brazilian folklore) of caipora, demon or guardian spirit of the wilderness somewhat similar to the curupira, from Tupí kaapora : kaa, scrubland + -pora, inhabitant.]
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Every foreigner that enters a bar to watch the Brazilian game, he'll look for a capirinha and a p?
Brazil's native spirit cachaca is essential for a Capirinha.
She was probably not disappointed, given the number of stalls offering Brazilian coffee, Linguira sausages and traditional Capirinha cocktails.
The pisco sour and Capirinha also sell extremely well.