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Based on equation (3) we can now estimate the capital market line expected return for the degree of risk of the iwi's portfolio, [[sigma].
Consistent with intuition, when the proportion of wealth held in fisheries assets declines so does the capital market line expected return, as the portfolio becomes less risky.
To create the efficient frontier and capital market line we need to compute some summary statistics.
To finish labeling the Portfolio worksheet select cell A134 and enter Sum of Weights; A135, enter Portfolio Variance; A136, enter Portfolio Standard Deviation; A137, enter Portfolio Return; and A138, enter Capital Market Line.
If there is also an investment alternative in a risk-free asset, the investor can attain a point on the capital market line (CML), which originates at [r.
In such a situation, the investors are imperfectly diversified, and the portfolios lie below the capital market line.
This implies that the solution of the optimization problem (59) can be found on the capital market line.

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