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 (hĭ-răk′lē-ən) or I·rá·klei·o (ĭ-rä′klē-ō) also Can·di·a (kăn′dē-ə)
A city of southern Greece on the northern coast of Crete. It was founded by Saracens in the ninth century and passed to the Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottoman Turks before becoming part of Greece in 1913.


or He•rak•li•on

(ɪˈræk li ən, -ˈrɑ kli-)
a seaport on the N coast of Crete, in Greece. 243,622. Also called Candia.
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The capital city of Crete and home of its main airport, Heraklion, comes from the name Hercules.

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