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Noun1.Capitol Building - the government building in Washington where the United States Senate and the House of Representatives meetCapitol Building - the government building in Washington where the United States Senate and the House of Representatives meet
American capital, capital of the United States, Washington, Washington D.C. - the capital of the United States in the District of Columbia and a tourist mecca; George Washington commissioned Charles L'Enfant to lay out the city in 1791
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Notes: Pre-proposal conference was held on September 14, 2015, 11:00 AM at Ground floor Cafeteria, Capitol Building 1007 E Grand Ave.
Cheshier, on the west lawn of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC Yad Ezra - The Helping Hand will host a rally a to raise the awareness in the USA of the persecution of believers in Jesus in the world today.
Washington, May 27(Petra)-- The United States Capitol building was reopened after an evacuation earlier on Tuesday when an audible alarm was sounded, US Capitol Police said.
The roof drain line was successfully lined and branch lines were reinstated without excavation or disruption of the occupied office spaces at the capitol building.
Van Hollen to dismiss cases against protesters arrested for singing in the Capitol building.
WASHINGTON, Oct 4 (KUNA) -- At a press conference here late Thursday, police confirmed the events that took place between the White House and Capitol building to be an "isolated singular matter" with "no nexus to terrorism.
Here is an unfiltered stream of Instagram pics location-tagged in and around the Capitol building.
The original capitol building was completed in Trenton in 1792.
Washington, Sept 29 (ANI): A 26-year-old US citizen has been arrested for plotting to attack the Pentagon and the Capitol building with a large remote-controlled aircraft filled with explosives.
Everyone from lobbyists to lawyers and journalists is rushing to get permits to carry guns inside the Texas Capitol building, located in Austin, where legislators already often tote pistols in their boots or purses or stow them inside their desks.
As the renovation of the Kansas State Capitol building enters its last phase, Visit Topeka Inc.
The photos illustrate its origins as the setting for the state capitol building, its large mansions, churches and hospitals, the Colfax Avenue area, parks, its growth in transportation, changes in zoning that increased commercial buildings, changes in demographics and crime, new luxury high-rises that are being built, and restoration of homes in the present day.

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