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A coated, oval medicine tablet.


(Medicine) a medicinal tablet, usually oval in shape, coated in a soluble substance
[C20: cap(sule) + (tab)let]


(ˈkæp lɪt)

an oval-shaped tablet that is coated to facilitate swallowing.
[1985–90; appar. cap(sule) + -let; orig. a trademark]


, Caplet®
n (= coated tablet)Kapsel f
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NEW YORK -- Launches enlivening the cough/cold category range from caplets for severe symptoms to a chest rub to an effervescent dietary supplement.
Late last month the Indian company announced that it bought six O-T-C health product brands --Bufferin pain reliever/fever reducer tablets, Doan's back pain relief caplets, Comtrex multi-symptom cold/cough caplets (day and night formulas), Nupercainal hemorrhoidal ointment, Myoflex pain relief cream and Cruex fungal nail gel--from Ducere Pharma LLC.
Iqra Garments sent the 81,529 caplets of Alprazolam to Tameyo in a shipment through Emirates Air Flight EK 332.
The caplets are formulated with acetaminophen and other ingredients.
9 fl oz 208 mg Midol Complete 2 caplets 120mg Black tea 12 fl oz 45-120 mg Red Bull 8.
Changed directions from ''take 2 caplets every 4-6 hours while symptoms last'' to ''take 2 caplets every 6 hours while symptoms last'' for Extra Strength Tylenol.
The product is formulated with 84mg of elemental magnesium L-lactate dehydrate in each MagBID ER caplet, four 84mg Mag-Tab SR caplets contain 336mg of magnesium, meeting the USRDA range for the average adult female and male.
A clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Bacopa Caplets in memory and learning ability: a double blind placebo controlled study
In clinical studies, the rapid disintegration and dissolution provided by Optizorb leads to faster and more consistent absorption compared with standard paracetamol tablets and caplets.
adol comes in different forms as smooth pillow-shaped caplets that make it easier to swallow, suspensions, syrups and drops for children and infants, in addition to suppositories.
It confirmed the Gulf News report that only two products are being recalled from the UAE market u Tylenol ES (Extra Strength) caplets of 500 mg and Tylenol Arthritis Pain caplets.
This advanced linear tablet counter maximizes production speeds within a space-saving footprint while handling a wide range of tablets, caplets, hard caps and softgels, and a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes with fast and easy changeovers.