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 (kä′pĭ-kō′lə, kăp′ĭ-)
Cured meat from the neck or shoulder of a pig, usually served in thin slices.

[Italian capocollo, capicollo : capo, head; see capo1 + collo, neck (from Latin collum); see kŭel- in Indo-European roots.]
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Puroliva, Belgioioso, Pomidoro, Capocolla, per citarne solo alcuni, vere e proprie parole dei cibo contraffatte come la merce che identificano.
LOUIS-BASED VOLPI FOODS, INC., has added Hot Capocolla Rotola to its line of artisan, dry-cured meat products.
Volpi's Hot Capocolla Rotola is made with thinly sliced, roasted Capocolla ham and red pepper slices, then hand-rolled in whole milk mozzarella.
each thinly sliced Genoa salami and spicy Italian cold cuts, such as coppa, capocolla, or hot salami 3 oz.
To appeal to the large Italian population, the store carries a host of imported cheeses, such as asiago and fontina, and meats, including capocolla, prosciutto and mortadella, says department manager Sherri Foster.