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 (kăp′ō-ā′rə, kä′po͝o-ā′rä)
A martial art of Brazilian origin that is based around a rhythmic, dancelike movement.

[Brazilian Portuguese, perhaps from capoeira, cultivated field that has reverted to forest or scrubland (perhaps in reference to the origins of the martial art in gatherings held by slaves and poor rural communities), from Tupí kopu̯era (influenced by Tupí kaa, scrubland) : ko, clearing, agricultural field cleared in a forest : pu̯era, that once was.]


1. (Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) a movement discipline combining martial art and dance, which originated among African slaves in 19th-century Brazil
2. (Dancing) a movement discipline combining martial art and dance, which originated among African slaves in 19th-century Brazil
[C20: from Portuguese]
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A "malicia" e "mandinga" do jogo fazem o papel artistico, onde o proposito e confundir seu oponente e nao apenas aplicarlhe um golpe, o capoeirista na roda e um ator, ele encena seus passos visando enganar seu oponente que ele nao sera capaz de escapar de um golpe (Sodre, 2002).
To some extent, it is much more difficult for a white capoeirista to establish a school of capoeira abroad, given the emphasis on the African tradition and the idealized past of fight against slavery.
Summary: Bahraini standup comedian, debt collector, Capoeirista and founder of Misfitz, a sketch comedy group.
He is also an acrobat and capoeirista, musician, composer and sound illustrator.
Harrop, who is a performer, choreographer and teacher, says the initial idea for the project came while she was in Brazil working on her MA and met capoeirista and musician de Vargas at the Senzala Capoeira Academy in Rio de Janeiro.
This is one of the big advantages for classical dancers, says Kamilah Turner, a ballet dancer turned capoeirista who is currently the sole American member of Dance Brazil.
Essa variedade de ambientes--Salvador, o Reconcavo -, tipos malandro, prostituta, capoeirista, boxeador, artista de circo--e situacoes--a vida nas ruas, a greve portuaria--e muito estimulante para desenhar.
The event will also feature the first visit to San Francisco in eight years by world-renowned capoeirista and ABADA-Capoeira founder Mestre Camisa, one of the largest capoeira organizations in the world.
If someone wants to wear a headscarf or an abaya, as long as they wear the uniform under it, they will be welcome in the capoeirista circle.
Outra publicacao a ter um negro como protagonista e o album Au, o Capoeirista, de Flavio Luiz Rodrigues Nogueira.
Sera que o observador, na ciencia, pode se ver vendo (vendo tudo o contexto, embora ele pertenca ao contexto), como o capoeirista na roda?
This kind of talk is very much counter to the spirit of Capoeira Angola, which is not competitive to the degree that Regional is and embodies the idea of capoeira as a way of life, a mode of thinking and being that encompasses every area of the life of a capoeirista.