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(Placename) the Italian name for Kobarid


(ˈkoʊ bəˌrid)

a village in NW Yugoslavia, formerly in Italy: defeat of the Italians by the Germans and Austrians 1917. Italian, Caporetto.
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Noun1.Caporetto - battle of World War I (1917); Italians were defeated by the Austrian and German forces
First World War, Great War, War to End War, World War 1, World War I - a war between the allies (Russia, France, British Empire, Italy, United States, Japan, Rumania, Serbia, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Montenegro) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria) from 1914 to 1918
Italia, Italian Republic, Italy - a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD
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On the ground, there are three new three infantry maps, including the poisoned wasteland of Passchendaele and mountainous hell of Caporetto.
The Italian army, recovered from the Caporetto debacle and its soldiers thirsting for revenge, held its ground, as did the French and British.
In October, Austrians, supported by German troops released from duty in the East, routed the Italian army at Caporetto.
The last straw is when, on the retreat from Caporetto, he jumps into the river to flee a kangaroo court, the threat of death coming not from combat but from the mindless execution of Italian military officers by their own soldiers.
Fino alla rotta di Caporetto, fino cioe all'autunno del 1917, la guerra italiana si era caratterizzata per una strategia aggressiva basata sull'attacco frontale alle posizioni nemiche, in sostanza sul binomio fuoco di artigliera assalto della fanteria.
Otra comparacion sugerente seria Italia, donde el ejercito en 1917, ano de la desastrosa derrota en Caporetto, sumo a 2500000 personas, es decir, 5.
At the battle of Caporetto in 1917, the young Erwin Rommel used such tactics to bypass forward defenses and capture an Italian infantry regiment with only a few German companies.
Women initiated the tragic 1917 general strike in Turin, shortly before the dramatic Italian defeat at Caporetto.
But the book is set against the lead up to the previous year's disastrous Italian defeat at Caporetto, much less familiar to British audiences than the Western Front, but brilliantly evoked here.
This is a modern reformulation of Auftragstaktik in the German army as mission-type orders debuted at the battle of Verdun and were applied extensively at the battles of Riga and Caporetto.
The Battle of Caporetto in what is now Slovenia ends with nearly 300,000 Italians surrendering to Austro-Hungarian and German troops.
Alongside five French divisions, Alfred and the British troops were sent out to assist the demoralised Italian forces after 300,000 soldiers were lost in the Battle of Caporetto - 270,000 of them were taken prisoner of war.