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 (kăp′ə-dō′shə, -shē-ə)
An ancient region of Asia Minor in present-day east-central Turkey. Heart of a Hittite state and later a Persian satrapy, it was annexed by the Romans in ad 17.

Cap′pa·do′cian adj. & n.


(Placename) an ancient region of E Asia Minor famous for its horses


(ˌkæp əˈdoʊ ʃə)

an ancient country in E Asia Minor, a Roman province in A.D. 17, now a part of N central Turkey.
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Noun1.Cappadocia - an ancient country is eastern Asia MinorCappadocia - an ancient country is eastern Asia Minor
Anatolia, Asia Minor - a peninsula in southwestern Asia that forms the Asian part of Turkey
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The scenes in Turkey will be shot in four towns in the Cappadoccia, a world-famous touristic area best know for its fairy chimneys.
Mae'r offeiriad adnabyddus yn estyn dwylo dros y mor i ddilynwyr y ffydd ym Macedonia yn y Balkans, Efrog Newydd a thalaith Kansas yn yr UDA ac Istanbul a Cappadoccia yn Nhwrci.
The anniversary meeting was a great success and we have been invited to continue our relationship with the TNNA and to produce another program in June 20001 in Cappadoccia.