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Of or evocative of the movies of Frank Capra, often promoting the positive social effects of individual acts of courage.
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His usual leading roles are occupied by standard "capraesque" heros, funny and good looking, intelligent enough not to show off their well-hidden integrity, ready for a chance to redeem their frivolities with an idealistic adventure, always with a witty and self-deprecating remark.
Indeed, beyond Sarandon's sexy eccentricity, Savoy essentially is a Capraesque caretaker heroine.
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Nowhere as shabby as the ill-fated remake of "The Ladykillers" or the capraesque "The Hudsucker Proxy."
How Capraesque (as in Frank Capra, director of "It's a Wonderful Life") it all feels when the townspeople decide to go along with this as a harmless eccentricity.
He fit perfectly the Capraesque All-American Nice Guy and Defender of Democracy that Stone was looking for.
Five years later, he's got the James Stewart role in the Capraesque romantic comedy Danny Deckchair, and he's a bona-fide leading man.'
Instead, "Provence United" gets bogged down with too many extraneous story strands, a chain of predictable obstacles and impossibly Capraesque plot turns--such as a national soccer lottery that has Kassodas' team playing the Tel Aviv squad in what must be the biggest mismatch in Israel's soccer history.
Capraesque populism now only makes sense if it sells tickets, and even then virtue isn't its only reward: Jerry Maguire didn't just do the right thing, he also got to keep the show-me-the-money commission.
Their habitual distaste for Benigni's slapstick is exacerbated by the film's popular success and by the feel-good, Capraesque humanism that oozes from nearly all favorable reviews.
Made in just ten days, it's a cheap, cheerful but finely acted and very funny comedy with a warm line in Capraesque social comment.