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Noun1.Caprimulgidae - goatsuckers
bird family - a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
Caprimulgiformes, order Caprimulgiformes - goatsuckers; frogmouths; oilbirds
caprimulgid, goatsucker, nightjar - mainly crepuscular or nocturnal nonpasserine birds with mottled greyish-brown plumage and large eyes; feed on insects
Caprimulgus, genus Caprimulgus - type genus of the Caprimulgidae
Chordeiles, genus Chordeiles - a genus of Caprimulgidae
genus Phalaenoptilus, Phalaenoptilus - a genus of Caprimulgidae
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Common Nighthawks are one of the more studied species of Caprimulgidae, yet much of the information relative to their natural history is anecdotal (Brigham et al., 2011).
Whippoorwills and their related species belong to a family of birds called the nightjars (Caprimulgidae) and are mostly active at night.
Asimismo, de todas las especies identificadas, el ~25% corresponde a aves migratorias, dentro de las cuales la familia Parulidae es la que tuvo un mayor numero de especies, y las familias Caprimulgidae y Pandionidae tuvieron un solo representante (Tabla 2).
The goatsuckers, which include common nighthawks (Chordeiles minor), the third member of this family found in New York, belong to the Caprimulgidae family.
Las especies de aves estan representadas por el condor andino (Vultur gryphus), un tipo de chotacabras (Caprimulgidae), y pollos (Gallus gallus).