Caprivi Strip

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Ca·pri·vi Strip

A panhandle area of northeast Namibia. It passed from Great Britain to Germany in 1890 in order to give German South-West Africa access to the Zambezi River.
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Like the Talkeetna, the Caprivi is named for a special place: the Caprivi Strip, a narrow protrusion of Namibia that divides Angola and Zambia to the north and Botswana to the south.
We passed by the Caprivi Strip, a panhandle in Namibia, crossing back and forth into Namibian waters as we cruised by troops of baboons and seemingly endless water lilies.
Ever since I went on a short fishing trip on the flood plains of the Caprivi Strip, I have been concerned that the hippo populations in the floodplains of the upper Zambezi are being shot out or dying of disease.
But among serious hunters, the legendary Caprivi Strip is well known for dangerous game--lion, leopard, buffalo, croc, hippo and, of course, elephant.
DECEMBER 20 Rode the Caprivi strip and not an elephant to be seen - think they heard me coming.
Namibiaas Caprivi Strip The whole of Namibia can be fantastic for birding just after the rains (January to March) but the Caprivi Strip which borders the Okavango Delta is a real haven for birders, most of the options here are by boat or canoe, so itas very peaceful and the birds respond by behaving naturally.
It would be a good experience too, I suppose, to be sent up to the Caprivi Strip to shoot Freedom Fighters.
For example, Bum Hill, a small campground in Namibia's Caprivi Strip run by the community-based Kwando Conservancy, has six campsites on the banks of the Kwando River.
Tim said, The Okavango Delta lies in northern Botswana on the north-eastern edge of the Kalahari Desert, and is close to the border with the Caprivi Strip panhandle in eastern Namibia.
The so called "Caprivi Link", a 1000km long high voltage transmission line from the Caprivi Strip to northern central Namibia, helps to transmit large quantities of electricity (mainly generated from hydropower) securely and with few losses through the network.
The town lies on the south bank of the 660 to 980-foot wide Chobe River which forms the border with the extreme tip of Namibia's Caprivi Strip, though the swamps on the Namibian side prevent any habitation on that side or river crossings to it.