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(Elements & Compounds) a white crystalline cyclic imine used in the manufacture of nylon. Formula: C5H10NHCO
[C20: from capro(ic acid) + lactam]


(ˌkæp roʊˈlæk tæm)

a white, water-soluble compound, C6H11NO, used to produce a type of nylon.
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Engel is exploring a wide variety of composites technologies, including HP-RTM, SMC, injection overmolding of thermoplastic fabric and tapes, and in-situ polymerization of nylon from Caprolactam (T-RTM).
Tenders are invited for Purchase of a device for measuring the concentration of caprolactam in lactam water LiquiSonic 30 controller VC8 manufactured by SensoTech GmbH, Germany in the kit
On the basis of production process, the global and Far East & Baltic nations ammonium sulphate market is segmented by caprolactam, coke oven gas, gypsum and neutralisation & others.
GlobalData's new report, "Caprolactam Industry Outlook in Thailand to 2019 - Market Size, Company Share, Price Trends, Capacity Forecasts of All Active and Planned Plants", provides in-depth coverage of Thailand's Caprolactam industry and presents major market trends.
USPRwire, Sun Mar 27 2016] GlobalData's new report, "", provides in-depth coverage of Italy's Caprolactam industry and presents major market trends.
Based in Morris Plains, New Jersey, the company offers fluorocarbons, hydrofluoroolefins, caprolactam, resins, ammonium sulfate fertilizers, phenol, specialty films, waxes, additives, fibers, research chemicals and intermediates and electronic materials and chemicals.
With this work we would like to present a second generation of tannin wood preservative in which the effect of polyethylene glycol and caprolactam have been studied.
A classification and labelling change led by REACH resulted in Flint Group, as a responsible supplier, deciding we could no longer use N-vinyl caprolactam (NVC, CAS number 2235-00-9), in any of our products," said Jennifer Joyce, global product director.
The JV, to be set up in Russiaa[euro](tm)s region of Samara, will produce on-site oxygen, nitrogen and compressed dry air for KuibyshevAzota[euro](tm)s caprolactam, fertiliser and ammonia production, as well as liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon for sale to customers in the Volga region.
The Chinese site makes caprolactam which is used in the production of the synthetic fibre nylon.
Caprolactam Global Market to 2020 - Growth driven by Rising Demand from Nylon Fiber and Resin and Films Applications in China
The new plant is being built in the direct vicinity of the caprolactam facility operated by Lanxess in Antwerp.