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Noun1.Capros - a genus of fish in the family CaproidaeCapros - a genus of fish in the family Caproidae
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Capros aper, boarfish - fish with a projecting snout
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Keynote speakers will include Dr Richard Newell (President of Resources for the Future), Dr Maria Neira (director, WHO), Professor Pantelis Capros (head of E3M Lab), Dr Ken Koyama (chief economist, Institute for Energy Economics Japan), Dr Ritu Mathur (director, TERI India) and Mr Damgaard Jensen (chair of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change).
These include: Sensoril (Withania somnifera, or Ashwagandha); PrimaVie (Biome Optimized Shilajit); Capros (Phyllanthus emblica, or Amla); Crominex 3+ (trivalent chromium supplement); AyuFlex (Terminalia chebula); and Ayuric (Terminalia bellirica).
Sexual dimorphism in size, age, maturation, and growth characteristics of boarfish (Capros aper) in the Northeast Atlantic.
The diplomatic representation was assured by Teodor Scortescu, ex diplomat at the Vatican, "very close to the democrats and [especially] to De Gasperi", a diplomat with powerful liaisons at the Italian Ministries of External and Internal Affairs, concerned with the "faith of the Romanians from Italy", Mircea Moschuna Ston, who had "relations in the Chigi palace" and Augustin Popa who had "relations at the Vatican" (16); while as the Consular department was organized under the supervision of Dinu Adamesteanu and of the priest Carol Capros.
The most abundant taxa, especially on reef habitat, were the chain dogfish (Scyliorhinus retifer), a scorpionfish (Scorpaena sp.), the yellowfin bass (Anthias nicholsi), the red barbier (Baldwinella vivanus), the black sea bass (Centropristis striata), unidentified anthiine serranids, and the deepbody boarfish (Antigonia capros).
Capros (2013), "Female Labor Force Participation and Economic Growth in South Mediterranean Countries," Economic Letters 120: 323-328
The present study investigated the age growth reproduction of boarfish (Capros aper L.
Evaluation of effect of Emblica officinalis (Capros) on mental stress induced cardiovascular changes in healthy human subjects: Natreon;2012.
Residential energy demand is expected to rise by 12% between 2005 and 2030, mainly as a result of the increasing number of residencies (+14% up to 2030), the growing degree of indoor comfort conditions and the important proliferation of electrical appliances and services (Capros et al.
This assumption excludes non-conventional gas, such as shale, see: P Capros; L.
Nayor disappeared as quickly as he had emerged, but nine months later many of the men who had interviewed with him were contacted by CAPROS, a new company headed by two high-ranking Salvadoran military officers that, according to a Salvadoran newspaper, was recruiting for Greystone.