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Of, relating to, or being a Paleolithic culture of northern Africa and southern Europe.

[French capsien, from Latin Capsa, Gafsa, a town of west-central Tunisia.]


(Archaeology) a late Palaeolithic culture, dating from about 12 000 bc, found mainly around the salt lakes of Tunisia. The culture is characterized by the presence of microliths, backed blades, and engraved limestone slabs
(Archaeology) of or relating to this culture
[C20: from French capsien, from Capsa, Latinized form of Gafsa, Tunisia]
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Breuil's influence was also evident in Burkitt's Paleolithic chronology and the association with the African Capsian (an archaeological culture first defined in 1910-11 by Morgan, Capitan, and Boudy (1910-11).
RIVALS Keira Knightley as Vera Phillips and Sienna Miller as Caitlin MacNamara.; EXCITING Prince Capsian and his allies prepare for battle.