Capsicum frutescens

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Noun1.Capsicum frutescens - plant bearing very hot medium-sized oblong red peppersCapsicum frutescens - plant bearing very hot medium-sized oblong red peppers; grown principally in the Gulf Coast states for production of hot sauce
red pepper, tabasco - very hot red peppers; usually long and thin; some very small
genus Capsicum, Capsicum - chiefly tropical perennial shrubby plants having many-seeded fruits: sweet and hot peppers
capsicum, capsicum pepper plant, pepper - any of various tropical plants of the genus Capsicum bearing peppers
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The chili pepper cultivar (Capsicum frutescens), developed by the company ISLA Sementes, was directly sown (6 seeds per pot).
The red pepper plant TN278 (Capsicum frutescens L.) used in this study was supplied by Trang Nong Co.
hirsutum, Abelmoschus esculentus and Capsicum frutescens that had maximum attractiveness and less mortality.
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SAIDU& GARBA (2011) obtained 78.4 (red), 67.1 (yellow), and 36.5% (green) TAA of pepper fruits in Capsicum frutescens. Results of this study are in agreement with those of CASTRO-CONCHA et al.
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