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The protein coat that constitutes the shell of a virus particle.

[From Latin capsa, box.]


(Animals) any heteropterous bug of the family Miridae (formerly Capsidae), most of which feed on plant tissues, causing damage to crops
[C19: from New Latin Capsus (genus)]


(Biochemistry) the outer protein coat of a mature virus
[C20: from French capside, from Latin capsa box]


(ˈkæp sɪd)

the coiled or polyhedral structure, composed of proteins, that encloses the nucleic acid of a virus. Also called protein coat.
[1960–65; < French capside= Latin caps(a) case2 + -ide -id1]
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Noun1.capsid - a variety of leaf bugcapsid - a variety of leaf bug    
leaf bug, plant bug - small bright-colored insect that feeds on plant juices
four-lined leaf bug, four-lined plant bug, Poecilocapsus lineatus - yellow or orange leaf bug with four black stripes down the back; widespread in central and eastern North America
lygus bug - vector of viral plant diseases
2.capsid - the outer covering of protein surrounding the nucleic acid of a virus
virion - (virology) a complete viral particle; nucleic acid and capsid (and a lipid envelope in some viruses)
protein - any of a large group of nitrogenous organic compounds that are essential constituents of living cells; consist of polymers of amino acids; essential in the diet of animals for growth and for repair of tissues; can be obtained from meat and eggs and milk and legumes; "a diet high in protein"
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This plasmid, carrying this intended "transgene," would be introduced into a tissue culture "packaging cell line" that has been engineered to also express the required AAV viral capsid proteins and the required "helper virus" genes.
The capsid proteins initiate infection by binding to a receptor on the host membrane (31).
The capsid proteins coded for by L1 are highly immunogenic.
The genome is enclosed in 52-55 nm capsid and codes for the virus capsid proteins (L1 and L2) and several other proteins that are involved in various processes.
The polyprotein is then posttranslationally cleaved into mature proteins, including 4 structural viral capsid proteins (VP 1-4) in the N terminus and 7 nonstructural proteins (2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3[C.
Due to the relatively simple protein components of parechovirus (just three major capsid proteins which are highly variable, and some very conserved non-structural proteins), the majority of the variation in disease is associated with the variation in the capsid proteins.
Sf21 cells transfected with the AcSINV-3 were probed by Western blot analysis for production of SINV-3 capsid proteins.
When the cell having virions goes into the upper layers of the epithelial, expression of the virus begins with the virus capsid proteins together with the E4 protein.
Previous research has shown that the cone-shaped shell is composed of identical capsid proteins linked together in a complex lattice of about 200 hexamers and 12 pentamers, Dr.
Their topics include the functional role of structured disorder in capsid proteins, structured disorder in matrix proteins of HIV-related viruses, proteins from influenza virus, intrinsically disordered domains of sesbania mosaic virus encoded proteins, and correlations between intrinsic disorder and multifaceted activities in hepatitis C virus and related viruses.