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Noun1.Captain Bob - United States explorer who accompanied Peary's expedition to the North Pole and who led many other Arctic trips (1875-1946)
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He was in the merchant navy and I note from a photograph of his grave that he was known as Captain Bob. The grave shows his date of death as 26th September 1999 and his death certificate shows that he died in Kato Polemidia.
Former Newcastle captain Bob Moncur played alongside Iley, and said he would remember him as a hard worker who supported younger players.
Ex-Toon captain Bob Moncur played alongside Jim, and said he would remember him as a hard worker who supported younger players.
For over 20-years now I have been traveling north of Chicago to fish Lake Michigan with my great friend, Captain Bob Jenkins.
Bob Dillard defeated Westmont captain Bob Anderson in a tiebreaker at No.
CARLISLE: 6.05 Little Kim, 6.40 Xtara, 7.15 Starplex, 7.45 Golden Guide, 8.20 Fujaira Prince, 8.50 Florencio, 9.20 Captain Bob. HAYDOCK: 2.00 Airmax, 2.30 Summer Blossom, 3.00 Blyton, 3.30 Loulin, 4.00 Acclaim The Nation, 4.30 Mystic Flight, 5.00 Diamonds A Dancing.
Assisted by the sultry director of nearby Wallops Island's NASA facility, the sarcastic head of NASA security, the charming owner of Captain Bob's Marina, and a mysterious loner, Moore works his way through a maze of suspects, including some local troublemakers and rocket experts from Russia, China and Europe--any of whom might be motivated to sabotage the U.S.
Together with the club's new professional Robert Booth, who replaced the long-serving retiree David Chapman, captain Bob Sharp and vice-captain Phil Turner, Dr Goodlass is looking forward to a positive future for the club.
On the other rink, things were much tighter, with Tamworth, led by captain Bob Allcock, taking Erdington all the way to the final end - where, after over two hours of play, the score stood at 16-16.
A Brexit armada led up the Thames by Rear Admiral Nigel Farage clashed with a little flotilla of Remain supporters, with Captain Bob Geldof at the helm.