Captain general

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The commander in chief of an army or armies, or of the militia.
The Spanish governor of Cuba and its dependent islands.

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References in classic literature ?
The escort included Omby Amby, the Captain General of Ozma's army, which consisted merely of twenty-seven officers besides the Captain General.
Indeed, as they passed down the street, all the people cheered them lustily, and the Shaggy Man and the Wizard and the Captain General all took off their hats and bowed politely in acknowledgment.
I had heard enough of Carlist headquarters to know that the man had been (very likely was still) Captain General of the Royal Bodyguard and was a person of great political (and domestic) influence at Court.
Such was the envelope and the voice of the fanatical soul belonging to the Grand-master of Ceremonies and Captain General of the Bodyguard at the Headquarters of the Legitimist Court, now detached on a special mission.
Those who wish to contribute to this pious work should apply to the Governor and Captain General, and they will receive the girls on the condition that they give a receipt for them and assume the obligation to report to the said Superior authority in case the girls die or run away.
He captures magnificently the anguish of sailors surrounded by a vast, inhospitable sea and under the command of a captain general they fear insane.
Captain General was another to strike while the iron was hot in the 1m5f handicap and again deny Moore his 170th winner of the year on Nawamees.
His dad, who is Captain General of the Marines, gave him an ear-bashing when he quit.
As a TA captain general duties medical officer, he gives about 100 days a year to the organisation.
79) This symbolic enactment was followed two years later on 15 August 1515, when Lorenzo de' Medici the younger, as the first Florentine in modern times, was created captain general of the restored Florentine militia.
When Prince Edward left the Marines after just four months, Philip - as Captain General of the corps - all but died of embarrassment.
Captain General looked likely to finish nearer last than first here last time when losing his place four furlongs out, but you couldn't help but be impressed with the way he rallied, making up several lengths on the decent Moon On A Spoon in the final furlong to win going away.