Captain lieutenant

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a lieutenant with the rank and duties of captain but with a lieutenant's pay, - as in the first company of an English regiment.

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Wattenberg complemented an impressive roster of well-decorated U-Boat commanders highlighted by Captain Lieutenant Friedrich "Fritz" Guggenberger, recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, Germany's highest military award.
The team's captain Lieutenant Colonel Nasser Al Obaidli spoke to the GDN yesterday on the sidelines of Bahrain International Air Show 2016 (BIAS), which is being held at Sakhir Airbase.
I know the first captain Lieutenant Commander Brian Dempsey and his crew are eagerly looking forward to working up the new ship to its full potential."
The Governor of Virginia hired sea captain Lieutenant Robert Maynard and the crew of his Royal Navy ship HMS Pearl to get rid of Blackbeard.
They met all seven Priz survivors, including Valery Lepetyukha captain second rank, and Vyacheslav Milashevsky, captain lieutenant.