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Noun1.captive finance company - a finance company owned by a manufacturer to finance dealers' inventories or to make loans to consumers buying the company's products
finance company - a financial institution (often affiliated with a holding company or manufacturer) that makes loans to individuals or businesses
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The services provided by Locations Services give credit unions, banks, captive finance companies and other financial institutions the ability to have one company manage the entire loss mitigation outsource process including auto refinance, recovery, skip-locate, account administration, license plate digital technology, transportation and remarketing.
Fierce competition between captive finance companies, credit unions and banks has offset recent rate increases, with spread compression observed across many DFP platforms.
Used across a myriad of financial products in both consumer and commercial lending in more than six countries - ranging from SME lenders to global captive finance companies and including high street and challenger banks - the system can manage portfolios ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of agreements in a single implementation.
During his eight previous years at JP Morgan, Selle covered automotive original equipment manufacturers, captive finance companies, suppliers, tyre manufacturers and dealers.
All lender types experienced growth in year-over-year quarterly loan volume, with banks up by USD 31bn, credit unions up by USD 25bn, finance companies up by USD 24bn and captive finance companies up by USD 9bn
"Subprime auto lending from banks, captive finance companies and credit unions continues to increase and is pressuring more traditional subprime lenders to lend to ever- weaker borrowers to maintain lending volumes,'' Moody's analysts led by Peter McNally wrote in the report.