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 (kăp′yo͞o-ə, kä′pwä)
A town of southern Italy north of Naples. It is named for an important ancient Roman city that was located nearby on the Appian Way.


(ˈkæpjʊə; Italian ˈkapua)
(Placename) a town in S Italy, in NW Campania: strategically important in ancient times, situated on the Appian Way. Pop: 19 041 (2001)


(ˈkæp yu ə)

a town in S Italy, N of Naples: near site of ancient city of Capua. 18,053.
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The Romans, in order to hold Capua, Carthage, and Numantia, dismantled them, and did not lose them.
The Munich based LIVIA Group has entered into an agreement with Patheon to acquire its 100% affiliate Patheon Capua S.
Frank was born in Santa Maria, Capua Vetere, Caserti, Italy, a son of the late Francisco and Luisa (Avenia) Papale.
Ajtebi recorded his first Group 1 win for Godolphin when Gladiatorus ran out a convincing winner of the Premio Vittorio di Capua at San Siro, Italy, in October, 2009.
The Capua family has been supplying essential oils from Calabria for five generations and is one of the world's most renowned suppliers of natural bergamot oils.
Capua, author of many Hollywood film star biographies and correspondent for an Italian film magazine, provides a biography of American film legend Janet Leigh.
The son of Efisio, who won the Premio Vittorio di Capua for Roberto Brogi and Challenge Stakes for Luca Cumani, left behind 106 foals, 14 of whom are stakes performers.
The great thing is that even if flu only causes a few per cent of type 1 diabetes cases, we can vaccinate and prevent flu in people who are genetically predisposed, and that can have a real impact," Ilaria Capua, of the World Organisation for Animal Health reference lab for bird flu in Legnaro, Italy, said.
So the best way to transport slaves from Thrace to Capua might be entirely different than the optimal route for marching a legion of troops between the same two points.
By this time, her public apostolate had reached a highpoint, and under the direction of her final and most influential confessor, Raymond of Capua, Catherine composed three literary works.
makes fresh assertions, based on careful, wide-ranging research, indicated by 40 pages of notes that cite materials ranging from primary sources such as Raymond of Capua, Catherine's contemporary biographer, to the most recent scholarly works.
DICK Turpin is gunning for Frankel after snatching Group One glory in the Premio Vittoria Di Capua in Milan on Saturday.