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n.1.See Capuchin, 3.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The cast included; Chaz Kemp as Felix; Colin Hay as Jacques; Sammy Hibbert as Capucine; Alex Tigwell as Malabelle; Karen Lafferty as Ma; Vicky Paul as Beauty; Lee Douglas as Prince Cristophe; Susan Fraser as Talking Clock; Louise Campbell y; e a a d sn as Aimee; Alex Effinger as Remy; Hazel Lafferty as Table; Annie Chisholm as Lamp; Glenda Mardon as Wardrobe; Sorcha McGroarty as Candlestick; and Kay Dowling as understudy.
On a visit to the house's leather atelier, the perfumer was enamored by a shade of berry red, Capucine, used in the handbags, and decided to infuse the fruity notes of raspberry and leather.
His classic Hollywood Lesbians, first published in 1994, was a delight to read and featured interviews Hadleigh conducted with stars such as top 1940s box-office earner Barbara Stanwyck, brilliant character actors Dame Judith Anderson, Sandy Dennis, Capucine, and Agnes Moorehead--as well as exceedingly rare interviews with pioneering lesbian director Dorothy Arzner, Oscar-winning costume designer Edith Head, and comedians Nancy Culp, Marjorie Main, Patsy Kelly and Ann B.
Claudio Cabello-Verrugio, (1,2) Felipe Simon, (2,3) Capucine Trollet, (4) and Juan F.
Actual historical photos and Capucine Mazille's illustrations complement the subject at hand.
okruhlolista 'round-leaved', and the French modifiers petit 'small' and grand 'big' as in petit boucage, grande capucine, in line with grammar rules of French.
Fluctuating popular opinion is easy to follow as each chapter progresses on a timeline highlighting the various ways in which religion, wealth, foreign policies and prejudices, superstition, and science have all played key roles in how societies have viewed the rituals and roles of cleanliness, while an entertaining and informative combination of photographs and humorous cartoon images from illustrator Capucine Mazzille keep the pages colorful and bright.
It featured the French actress Capucine. I don't recall ever seeing her before.
Whereas in Due Preparations For The Plague man's social versatility was examined in comparison to woman's, in The Claimant this couple is set in contestation with the considerably more complex "claimant" of the title, known variously as Gwynne Vanderbilt, Christy McLew or TiLoup, and his lifelong--though periodically estranged--soulmate Capucine, also known as Melusine and Lilith.
Existing colours of bands - including Fauve, Noir, Capucine and Etain - will now be sold, for the first time, separately and will be joined by awhole new collection of Single Tour and Double Tour bands, which will be offered in Herms colours including Bleu Paon (green), Bleu Saphir, Blanc (white) and the iconic Hermes colour, Feu (orange).
Perf: Martin Potter, Capucine, Fanfulla, Hiram Keller, Salvo Randone.