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(ˈkæp yəˌlɛt, -lɪt)

(in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, c1595) the family name of Juliet. Compare Montague.
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She lives with her mother, a faded tired woman who played Lady Capulet in a sort of magenta dressing-wrapper on the first night, and looks as if she had seen better days.
I shall not tarry to speak of the handsome Lago di Gardi; its stately castle that holds in its stony bosom the secrets of an age so remote that even tradition goeth not back to it; the imposing mountain scenery that ennobles the landscape thereabouts; nor yet of ancient Padua or haughty Verona; nor of their Montagues and Capulets, their famous balconies and tombs of Juliet and Romeo et al.
Earlier, O'Brien and Murtagh were on the mark with Await The Dawn in the Kilternan Stakes after Juliet Capulet got the day off to a perfect start for the Ballydoyle team as she took the two-year-old maiden under O'Brien's son, Joseph.
While there she stumbles on love letters to the ill-fated Capulet.
Erik sees the tragic tale from both sides as not only is he playing Romeo but also Juliet's father, Capulet.
The house of Capulet is a tourist attraction visited daily by throngs of lovers that embark on pilgrimages from all corners of the world to bring their hope-filled love letters and swear undying love at the balcony of Romeo's fiancee.
As Romeo attended the Capulet party he wore a red (Capulet) cloak over his blue (Montague) doublet and hose.
Well, Matthew King and Anna De Souza probably don't quite qualify as star-crossed lovers but they have certainly had a troubled relationship to rival those ill-fated children of Montague and Capulet.
Indeed, the house, with the legendary balcony where Juliet Capulet is said to have pined for Romeo, is one of the most visited sites in Italy.
However, the Capulet family generally wear traditional clothes, and spend most of their times indoors.
Tybalt fared less well, although Craig Hall gave the Capulet bully both authority and weight.
Capulet no matter what the time, setting or context?