Car mileage

1.(Railroads) Car miles collectively.
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advances efforts to increase passenger car mileage and decrease Greenhouse Gas emissions in the coming years, advanced clean diesel vehicles can play a key role in achieving efficiency and environmental gains providing new government policies don't hinder current or future technological advances, an industry panel said Wednesday during a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill.
9mpg - which wouldn't win the car mileage marathon.
If Boro's fans wanted to watch their team in the domestic cup competitions then they had to be willing to clock up some car mileage.
Mr Small also pointed to falling car mileage by men - offset by increased car mileage by women.
The information will also be expressed in interesting and comparative environmental metrics, such as how many trees would be needed to produce the equivalent amount of CO2 saved, or the equivalent energy production as car mileage.
There will still be two tiers of car mileage policy.
As previously reported by The Journal, Les Rogers was told he could no longer work at the busy crossing at Darras Hall First School, Ponteland, because of Northumberland County Council's cost-cutting drive on car mileage allowances.
Publicly-available accounts show he has filed for nearly PS12,000 over the last four years, mainly in car mileage and hospitality.
Les has been told he must leave his crossing at Darras Hall First School, Ponteland, to save on car mileage allowance.
There will also be reductions in car mileage allowances, and voluntary overtime, saving the authority PS400,000.
The report says: "The aggregate levelling off in average car mileage since the late 1990s is almost entirely due to a reduction in company car mileage.
On further enquiry, I was told that the last registration renewal was in March 2010 and the car mileage then was 200,000 km.