Car trouble

Car trouble 
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We keep hearing of people who attempt that road trip and have car trouble on the way.
On Sunday, I had car trouble and a cold, so I nearly didn't even pop out to pay my respects.
Police guided six lost tourists to safety after they encountered car trouble during their trips, authorities said on Tuesday.
-- A Wisconsin motorist was having car trouble when he pulled over to find a slithering surprise.
News /Avoid staycation car trouble popularity thanks to the weather this year - and drivers are being reminded to make sure their cars are up to scratch before they hit the road.
Rival Lewis Hamilton had to stop due to car trouble and will start the race in the midfield.Sebastian Vettel's pole lap was more than three full seconds faster than the 2016 pole position lap time set by Nico Rosberg when F1 last raced at Hockenheim two years ago.
The man was experiencing some car trouble whilst driving so he parked it in the middle of the road, as perSharjah24report.
There's more car trouble for the Bartons when Ross and Finn are later caught moving bags full of cannabis into Emma's vehicle up at Wylie's farm.
* Be sure your car is in good condition for a road trip; pack an emergency preparedness kit and supplies in the trunk; share travel plans with a family member or friend; check the weather along your route and plan for travel around any storms that may be coming; be well rested and alert; buckle up, slow down, and do not drive impaired; follow the rules of the road and use caution in work zones; give your full attention to the road by avoiding distractions such as cell phones; make frequent stops during long trips and rotate drivers (if you are too tired to drive, stop and get some rest); if you have car trouble, pull off the road as far as possible.
* If you explain you were late for the board meeting because you had car trouble, the next meeting you will have car trouble.
CAR TROUBLE Phil and Tanya at a perfume launch in Cheshire last week
A NURSE who walked out of her shift 40 minutes early after claiming she had car trouble has been struck off.