car wash

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car wash

1. A place or business equipped for washing cars and other motor vehicles.
2. The act or an instance of washing a car, especially at a car wash: filled up the gas tank and then got a car wash.

car′ wash`

or car′wash`,

a place or structure having special equipment for washing automobiles.
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Henley said the car wash industry has a low degree of revenue volatility and is relatively insulated from economic ups and downs, given that it is affordable for consumers, who tend to view car washing as a staple service.
5th Aug, 2019 - Car washing and car detailing both are much essential for your vehicle and each one of the two has its own importance through car detailing goes deep in washing and cleaning of the car.
Mechanized car washing has tangible advantages over manual practices.
Katie Sargent is a Regional Manager for Zips Car Wash and has been recognized as one of the top Women in Car Washing by the International Car Wash Association.
There are four million registered vehicles in Karachi and most of the new cars avail car washing services.
An average car washing station serves between 10 to 12 cars every day, making up about 0.1 million cars in a month thus consuming or wasting about 45 million litres of water.
"Our mobile car washing solution is a unique addition for Dubai.
Fully automated and computerized, the high-quality and environmentally-friendly car washing system uses soft cloth and filtered, recycled water.
"The oil used in car washing should be stored in places with non-absorption floors whereas metal nets need to be used to prevent water from pooling on the floor."
The Company has two main products: the TEP-AUTOcar wash machine and the Autobase car washing machine.
With existing stores in San Antonio, Texarkana and surrounding areas, car washing in the Texas climate is no new adventure for the company.