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n.1.See Carack.
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This initiative is supported by a group of institutional investors which has invested a total amount of EUR500m in Tera Neva: ACMN VIE, AVIVA FRANCE, CARAC, BNP Paribas Cardif, CNP Assurances, ERAFP, GENERALI, GROUPAMA, HSBC Assurances, NATIXIS Assurances, PREVOIR and SURAVENIR.
Ten of them have been established: ACIAC (Acids), AMAC (Amino-Acids), ANTOXIAC (Antioxidants), CARAC (Carotenoids), EMULAC (Emulsifiers), FFAC (Feed Flavourings), TREAC (Trace Elements), UREAC (Urea) and VITAC (Vitamins).
The agencies, boards, tribunals, organizations, and Ministry responsible for administering this industry are an alphabetic code for those in the know: the CTA (Canadian Transportation Agency), formerly the NTA (National Transportation Agency), TCA (Transport Canada Aviation), formerly MOT (Ministry of Transport), The TSB (Transportation Safety Board of Canada), the CAT (Civil Aviation Tribunal), CARAC (Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council), ANS (Canadian Air Navigation System) and Nay Canada to mention a few of the industry's many anagrams.