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A city of Sardinia, Italy, on the southern coast on the Gulf of Cagliari, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea. The city was taken by the Romans in 238 bc.


(kælˈjɑːrɪ; Italian kaʎˈʎari)
(Placename) a port in Italy, the capital of Sardinia, on the S coast. Pop: 164 249 (2001)


(Italian kaʎˈʎari)
(Biography) Paolo (ˈpaːolo). original name of (Paolo) Veronese


(ˈkɑl yə ri)

a seaport in S Sardinia. 221,790.
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Unfortunatelly, this promising geothermal potential remains still untaped (Caralis et al., 2010), the sector being less developed.
Caralis Fons (aka crater Newton) was obvious to the south of Mare Sirenum, just to the W.
archbishops, Januarius of Caralis, when his senility and propensity for
Pourtant, la majorite des femmes interviewees dans le cadre d'une etude sur les pratiques de detection et les soins offerts aux victimes de violence rapportent etre en faveur d'une telle detection de la violence par leur medecin, et affirment qu'elles mentionneraient la violence dont elles sont victimes si on le leur demandait (Caralis et Musialowski, 1997).
De las copias enviadas por Elpidio, solo se ha conservado un extracto de la dirigida al gobernador de Cerdena, pues el fragmento del Codex Theodosianus indica que fue promulgada en Caralis mediante la exposicion publica del texto (propositio) el dia 3 de julio del mismo ano (9).
Studies of survivor attitudes toward mandatory screening for IPV show support for routine screening under specific conditions, for example, a private unhurried setting and a survey format for answering questions as opposed to face-to-face interviews (Caralis & Musialowski, 1997; Friedman, Samet, Roberts, Hudlin, & Hans, 1992; Kramer, Lornezon, & Mueller, 2004; McCauley, Yurk, Jenckes, & Ford, 1998; Rodriguez, Quiroga, & Bauer, 1996).
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A modo de ejemplo, cuando Gregorio toma conocimiento de la usurpacion de la sinagoga de Caralis, pide concordia entre todos los habitantes en funcion del peligro longobardo (40).
Caralis and Musialowski (1997), however, report that quite the