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(kəˈrætəkəs) ,




(Biography) died ?54 ad, British chieftain: led an unsuccessful resistance against the Romans (43–50)
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There are remains of an old hill fort en route which may have been the site of the last stand of the chieftain Caratacus against the Romans.
We also know that Jefferson kept a Welsh dictionary in his library - what's more, he named a horse Caratacus, after the chieftain who led opposition to the Roman invasion of Britain and is remembered in Welsh lore as Caradog.
Caratacus will try to stop the Romans crunching his Celts and King Alfred will try not to burn his buns.
The whole cast of characters is here, including Roman emperors (Claudius and Constantine), governors (Frontinus and Agricola), Saint Patrick, and British leaders (Caratacus and Vortigern).
Nennius, out of place historically, as he led revolts against Julius Caesar more than a century before Boudicca's rebellion (and Caratacus' resistance a decade prior to Boudicca's), stands with Bonduca in Fletcher's play as the spirit of Brittonic identity and resistance.
Trista has a mission to deliver a missive to the Chieftain Caratacus, a well known opponent of the Romans, but to do this she needs the support of her werewolf comrade.
"It was great to learn more about heroes such as Caratacus and Boadicea.
Eleventh Edition (1911): "Caratacus: see Caractacus" (p.
In which battle did the Roman leader Aulus Plautius defeat Togodumnus and his brother Caratacus in Kent in AD43?
The book reveals how Freichfras was aware of how the Romans defeated the Caratacus Silurian king in 52AD, Boadecia the Queen of the Iceni British tribe in 60AD and later the Caledonians and Picts of Scotland.